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Jangad Kalam


Few states in modren India can claim to have a living link with the past traditions as Madhaya Pradesh hasm because of the strong, presences opf tribal population, This reality has put a great responsibility on the Department of Tribal Welfare, as it has to strike a fine balance between the call of modren progredd and preserving the cultural identity of tribals. The department has performed this dicult task with remarkable filicity. Trvals can’t remain the most imortant feature of their existence this piquant situation gives the Tribal Welfare Departmernt a delicate task, it has to give the Tribals the idioms of modernity while preseving their cultural moornings. The department has performed this task with a deft touch. While the prograames for children, traning and employment are implemennted diligently changing the lot of the tribals, focused attention is also being given to preservation of cultural heritae of the tribasls. This book is a remarkable narratives of the old traditions renewing themselves. A n intricate pattern of story is woven in all its finery