About Vanya

Tribal Affairs

Vanya was established on 25th March 1980 under the Tribal Welfare Department of Madhya Pradesh for promotion and conservation of Tribal Tradition, Cultural magnificence and proper exposure of Government welfare schemes for Tribal communities. Vanya organizes various programmes in order to fulfill its various commitments.


  • For the benefit of the tribal community of Madhya Pradesh to publish books on Tribal art and culture and also to reach it out to them.
  • To buy and publish the finest literature for the benefit of the educated tribes so that their vision is broadened.
  • To republish selected rare books on the different tribes of Madhya Pradesh written by Verrier Elwin, W.V Grigson, Hiralal Russell and many more.
  • In order to maintain, conserve and propagate the Tribal life style art and culture, to collect and publish importan. t articles.
  • In order to archive, protect and conserve the Tribal art and culture, their life style and traditions, which are on the verge of extinction, vide documentation by producing documentaries and audio programs for conservation and archiving.
  • To telecast the same through Govt. and Private Channels which are National and global, for the people from all over the world to know about Tribal World of Madhya Pradesh.
  • To organize tribal events, so that the tribal artists get a platform to showcase their different traditional dance forms and also to exhibit and sale their paintings and artifact, their natural medicines and variety of food.
  • The various schemes of the Department are being reached out to the tribal community of the remote areas through Vanya Community Radio stations namely from, Bijjouri (Chhindwara), Meghnager (Jhabua), Chhicholi (Betul), Chada (Dindori), Khalwa (Khandwa), Bhabhra (Chandrashekhar azad nager), Naalchha (Dhar), Sesaipura (Sheopurkalan).
  • With the aim of promoting various tribal arts and sustainable development of the tribal artist, Vanya has broadened its field by conducting online classes through which the tribal artists will be able to teach their various arts around the world to sustain themselves.